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  6am when I put on this ZARA dress, I found its label writes this: “Designed in Spain. Made in Vietnam.” And it is now available all over the Chinese market. ZARA is the fastest among various fashion brands. With advantages generated by globalization, from raw material to labor, from warehouse to shipping, it takes only 12 to 15 days for ZARA to turn a design on sketch paper to clothes on shelves.

  Globalization has eliminated numerous barriers and made the world flat ever since it gained momentum in the 1990s. But recently it seems to be rolled back by someone like Donald Trump in US and Marine Le Pen in France. Public opinions are being misled by their claim that recoiling from globalization seems to be the panacea to the two most urgent problems troubling many people in the west—employment and refugees. But can we buy the story?

  Withdrawing from TPP seems to be an act that can move factories back from third world countries so that new jobs can be created and therefore unemployment rate reduced. However, the cost of the products would also be raised since the labor at home and the transport of raw materials are more expensive, which causes greater pressure on all the families in terms of household expenditure. People may manage to get new jobs but the living standard does not improve. And this is the story that anti-globalization politicians would never tell to the voters.

  In addition to the concern of employment, the influx of refugees also touches a highly sensitive nerve. Rejecting asylum seekers may promote domestic security in the short run, but it tramples what’s equally important--humanitarianism and responsibilities. Refugees such as those from Syria are not born refugees; they are made refugees by the Wars that shattered their homes and countries. The real solution therefore is not isolation but globalization because globalization promotes interdependence among nations whereby conflicts and wars are more likely to be prevented.

  Yes, there are defects in globalization, such as environmental deterioration, polarization between the rich and the poor, and exploitation of workers, to name just a few. But what we need to do is not putting an end to it but putting it right. As the second largest economy of the world, China should hold a lead. We should promote global governance fight against contamination. We should strike a balance between efficiency and equity so that different countries, different social classes and different groups of people can all enjoy the benefits of globalization.

  Globalization has just stepped into its twenties, pretty much like us young adults. Every twenty something is so energetic, striding to achieve more and surely deserving a second chance to pull back from the deviation. As we consumers are enjoying benefits and convenience brought by ZARA and other international brands, we see clearer that the question now is not whether to accept or reject globalization but how to make it fairer, cleaner and a win-win for all.


  whether there"s afterlife, the answer has never been the same. the atheists deny after life, believing that our life is no more than from the cradle to the grave. they may care about their illustrious names after death; they may feel attached to the affection of their offspring, but they never lay their hopes on their afterlife. they may also say that good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil, but they don"t really believe any retribution in their after life.

  however, in the religious world or among the superstitious people, the belief in afterlife is very popular. they do not only believe in afterlife, but thousands of reincarnations as well. in the mysterious world, there are the paradise and the hell, the celestial beings and the gods, the buddha and the bodhisattvas.

  maybe they really believed it, or maybe they just wanted to make use of people"s veneration, the ancient emperors always declared that they were the real dragons, the sons of god, while the royal ministers claimed to be the reincarnations of various constellations. but can the stars reincarnate?


  Distinguished judges, teachers, dear friends:


  Hello, everyone! My name is cheng xiang yan , I am a junior student come from life science institution .Today, I am very glad to stand here and share with you my most sincere speech"Flying youth, master our future!"


  Life is a process of growing up. Saying goodbye to childhood, we step into another important time of life in the pace of young, facing new situations, dealing with different problems.....


  However, who can really say what the youth is ? A period of time? A belief?An attitude to life? Or anything else? actually, everyone has his own understanding of young, it is a period of time of beauty and wonders, only after you have experienced the sour , sweet ,bitter and salty, can you really become a person of significance.


  Just like A famous poet said "youth is a lovely song ,where nothing is impossible ,youth is a meaningful book, you"ll be never bored of it ;youth is a rapid river ,it keeps on flowing day and night ;youth is a cup of tea ,it shows you different kinds of tastes in your life."


  As youth is so precious, of course, we must treasure it .Don"t let the limited time pass by, grasping the young will means a better time is waiting for you in the near future.


  So,It"s necessary for us to prepare ourselves well for the future to come. having a view on those great men in the history of hunman being, they all made full use of their youth time to do things that are useful to society, to the whole mankind, and as a consequence ,they are remembered by later generations, admired by everyone. so do something in the time of young, although you may not get achievements as these greatmen did ,though not for the whole world, just for youeself, for those around!


  So, what should we do when we are young? Here,I"ll point out some tips to help equip ourselves.


  First of all,think of what you"d like to be some day. A teacher ? A doctor ? A writer? Don"t afraid of dreaming of big and great .Since you are young , you can dream of doing anything and becoming anyone in the future.


  What"s more , never ignore the power of knowledge. Read more books and travel around. For one thing, it can increase your knowledge, for another, it"ll broaden your horizon.


  Last but not the least , stick to your dream. It easier said than done. After all, future is not all roses. young is just like blooming flowers, they are so beautiful when blooming, which make people feel happy, but with time passing by, after they withers ,most people think they are ugly. and so it is the same with young, we are enthusiastic when we are young, then we may lose our passion when getting older and older. So we should have enough courage and determination to overcome all the difficulties in struggling on the road.


  I firmly believe one sentence that"If you think you can, of course you can!"Just believe we can make it! Keep on walking towards our dream. Flying youth , master our future. From today, from now on , are you Ready ?


  That"s all. Thank you so much for your attention !



  Someone said “we are reading the first verse of the first chapter of a book, whose pages are infinite”. I don’t know who wrote these words, but I’ve always liked them as a reminder that the future can be anything we want it to be. We are all in the position of the farmers. If we plant a good seed ,we reap a good harvest. If we plant nothing at all, we harvest nothing at all.

  We are young. “How to spend the youth?” It is a meaningful question. To answer it, first I have to ask “what do you understand by the word youth?” Youth is not a time of life, it’s a state of mind. It’s not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips or supple knees. It’s the matter of the will. It’s the freshness of the deep spring of life.

  A poet said “To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour. Several days ago, I had a chance to listen to a lecture. I learnt a lot there. I’d like to share it with all of you. Let’s show our right palms. We can see three

  lines that show how our love.career and life is. I have a short line of life. What about yours? I wondered whether we could see our future in this way. Well, let’s make a fist. Where is our future? Where is our love, career, and life? Tell me.Yeah, it is in our hands. It is held in ourselves.

  We all want the future to be better than the past. But the future can go better itself. Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened. From the past, we’ve learnt that the life is tough, but we are tougher. We’ve learnt that we can’t choose how we feel, but we can choose what about it. Failure doesn’t mean you don’t have it, it does mean you should do it in a different way. Failure doesn’t mean you should give up, it does mean you must try harder.

  As what I said at the beginning, “we are reading the first verse of the first chapter of a book, whose pages are infinite”. The past has gone. Nothing we do will change it. But the future is in front of us. Believe that what we give to the world, the world will give to us. And from today on, let’s be the owners of ourselves, and speak out “We are the world, we are the future.”


  Friends, do you know what is meant by life? And what is meant by the "struggle of the youth"?朋友,你知道什么叫生命吗?你知道什么叫做奋斗的青春吗?

  We know, there are many examples about the struggle of the youth appearing in the films we see, in the songs we listen, and in the friends we meet. 我们知道,有许多关于青春奋斗的例子出现在我们看的电影中、我们听得歌曲中、我们遇到的朋友中。It is most startling to hear a watch or clock clicking away the seconds, each click indicating the shortening of one"s life by a little bit.最令人触目惊心的一件事,是看着钟表上的秒针一下一下的移动,每移动一下就是表示我们的寿命已经缩短了一部分。Likewise, with each page torn off the wall calendar, one"s life is shortened by another day.再看看墙上挂着的可以一张张撕下的日历,每天撕下一张就是表示我们的寿命又缩短了一天。Time, therefore, is life.因为时间即生命。Nevertheless, few people treasure their times as much as their life. 没有人不爱惜他的生命,但是很少人珍惜他的时间。Time must not be wasted if you want to do your bit in your remaining years or acquire some useful knowledge to improve yourself, so that your life may turn out to be significant and fruitful.如果想在有生之年做一点什么事,学一点什么学问充实自己,使生命有意义,不虚此生,那么久不可浪费光阴。So, chose to work hard in your youth.所以,在你的年轻之际选择奋斗吧。

  Friends, speak up your mind, and do what you want to do!朋友,喊出你心中所要喊出的声音吧,做出你心中所要做的事情吧!In short, hurry up to give full play to the life bestowed on you by Nature, and hold aloft a torch to offer a little light to the world, for, otherwise, your young limbs will begin to rot, your brilliant brain will be dulled and your enthusiasm will cool off. It will be too late to mend总之一句,赶快表现出造物所给你的生命,在这个世界上举起一点光明的火花来,不然你的少年肢体要腐烂了,你的灵魂的头脑就要呆笨了,你的热情就要冷却了,那时什么都迟了,什么也来不及了。

  Friends, bring your youthful vitality and life into full play right now and here!朋友,在现在这一刻这一个地方,把你的青春的力,你的生命变现出来吧!


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