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Please accept our wishes for you and yours for a happy Mid-autumn day!  请接受我们对你以及你全家的祝福,祝你~~喜欢这类风格的句子吗?有请驻留一会,阅读工作总结之家为你整理的中秋节英语祝福语句子简短(精选26句),供你参考和使用,请收藏和分享。

1、Have bitter sweet in life, success in work, today may be temporarily down, will work with friend"s attitude to the Mid-Autumn festival blessing given to you。 You are my customers, but also my friend, wish your festival happiness, work smoothly! 生活中有苦有甜,工作中有成有败,今天可以将工作暂时放下,用朋友的心态将这份中秋的祝福送给你。你是我的客户,更是我的朋友,愿你节日快乐,工作顺利!

2、take this opportunity goes to you my heartfelt blessing: I wish you all the best and every success. 借此机会我呈上对你衷心的祝福:祝你一切顺利,万事如意。

3、An inter-mining Mingyue for your viewing,weave a cool autumn you covered,as appropriate pieces of glass Moon Palace drunken your heart,and do a blessing Zhong Yuan your dreams.  采一轮松间明月供你观赏,织一件秋日的凉爽为你披上,斟一杯月宫的琼浆醉你心上,做一份仲秋的祝福圆你梦乡。

4、Dear customer, thank you for always to our affirmation and support, the Mid-Autumn festival, wish you a circle industry circle, circle circle, love to enjoy the full moon in health gardens, the garden to enjoy family happiness circle, I hope you have a happy Mid-Autumn festival! 亲爱的客户,感谢您一直以来对我们的肯定与支持,中秋佳节到,愿您事圆业圆,爱圆情圆,在健康园中欣赏月圆,在幸福园中享受家圆,谨祝中秋愉快!

5、Go after moon, genuine send greetings; Adjacent distance heart, li has moonlight; The Mid-Autumn festival should be together, singing and dancing never cease; Elixir of love in today, hobnobbing。 I wish a happy Mid-Autumn festival! 月亮走我也走,一片真心寄问候;距离远近心相邻,千里月光共拥有;中秋佳节应聚首,载歌载舞永不休;花好月圆在今朝,把酒言欢永无忧。预祝中秋快乐!

6、Autumn setting pegged the horizon,a rebel hearts miss Tim;Lonely Chang"e air time dance Antimasque anyone sit back;I Curative days I can form a thousand miles can also Chan.  金秋圆月挂天边,浪子心中思念添;寂寞嫦娥空际舞,八戒被贬为那般;我予汝心天可表,千里也能共婵娟。

7、You kept me fairly well-off to tomorrow!  你奔小康我来鼓劲,为了明天我们前进!

8、Happy Mid-autumn Festival!I wish you a happy Mid-autumn Festival.  祝你中秋节快乐!

9、Attached to a long long distance, long line attached to a long, long thoughts for a long time, for a long time to miss you。 Mid-Autumn festival will come, happy together, I wish you a happy infinite! 长长的距离连着长长的线,长长的线儿连着长长的思念,长长的思念连着长长的岁月,长长的岁月连着对你的惦念。中秋将至,花好月圆,祝你开心无限!

10、nfants round on the 15th, osmanthus fragrance, Mid-Autumn festival wandering away from home in homesickness; Chang "e regret rushes, and yutu dao medicine busy read thoughts like riverside; Greeting message short, long, blessed sound let home person heart happiness, healthy body! 十五月儿圆,中秋桂花香,离家的游子在思乡;嫦娥悔奔月,玉兔捣药忙,念家的思绪似春江;问候的话儿短,祝福的声儿长,愿离家的人儿心安乐、身健康!

11、Gather round charge on mingyue for your viewing, weave a cool autumn you covered, as appropriate pieces of glass moon palace drunken your heart, and do a blessing zhong yuan your dreams Mid-Autumn festival, the Mid-Autumn festival wish you and your family have a reunion, happy life. 采一轮荷上明月供你观赏,织一件秋日的清凉为你披上,斟一杯月宫的琼浆醉你心上,做一份中秋的祝福圆你梦想,中秋佳节祝您全家团团圆圆,幸福安康。

12、Have today, but each has today; Month wages, week award, in a good mood every day, every day good fortune, in the god of wealth during the day, night counting money。 My friends, I wish a happy Mid-Autumn festival。 年年有今日,岁岁有今朝;月月栅资,周周中大奖,天天好心情,日日好运道,白天遇财神,晚上数钞票。朋友们,祝中秋快乐。

13、The distant sky tracts have round, its name is the moon; Distant foreign land a group of people, they are all belong to the people。 Don"t forget to eat moon cakes the Mid-Autumn festival the Mid-Autumn festival, eat mooncakes reunion; The Mid-Autumn festival the Mid-Autumn festival you to be happy, always happy to have a family reunion then. 遥远的天空有一轮玉盘,它的名字就叫月亮;遥远的异乡有一群人,他们全都是思归的人。中秋中秋别忘吃月饼,吃了月饼团团圆圆;中秋中秋你要快乐,合家团圆永远快乐。

14、Season"s greetings and sincere wishes for a bright and happy Mid-autumn day!  献上节日的祝福与问候,愿你拥有一个充满生机和快乐的中秋节!

15、Really a stuffing, continuous yearning with noodles, flattening rolling round his trouble, make a round face, ten thousand kinds of blessings are contained, after friendship true fire of temper, bless the moon cake to you: I wish happiness in my heart! 真心一颗做馅,绵绵思念和面,把烦恼压扁又搓圆,捏出个圆圆的笑脸,万种祝福都在里包含,经过情谊真火的锤炼,把祝福月饼送到你面前:祝快乐在心田!

16、The Mid-Autumn Moon,quietly hung in the window.  中秋的月亮,在窗外静静地悬着。

17、Respect of customer: the holiday is coming, we rushed a moon cakes for you attentively, let you taste the sincerity of moon cakes, career and life bright bright, festive! Wish our win-win cooperation! 尊敬的顾客:佳节将至,我们用心为您赶制了一份月饼,愿您品尝着真诚的月饼,事业和生活亮亮堂堂,圆圆满满!祝愿我们的合作互惠双赢!

18、The moon is round in the sky, the people are round in the world, the things in the heart are round, the sky is pleasant and happy! 天上月圆圆,世间人圆圆,心中事圆圆,天随人意,舒心开怀!

19、The moon sky, happy month light into your heart; Mid-Autumn moon is round, health, happiness, also come to reunite with you; The Mid-Autumn festival moon cakes, sweet, I wish you a life as sweet as honey。 I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival。明月当空照,幸福的月光照进你的心田;中秋月儿圆,健康、快乐也来与你团圆;中秋月饼甜,祝你生活蜜儿一样甜。祝你中秋节快乐。

20、An inter-mining Mingyue for your viewing, weave a cool autumn you covered,as appropriate pieces of glass Moon Palace drunken your heart,and do a blessing Zhong Yuan your dreams.  采一轮松间明月供你观赏,织一件秋日的凉爽为你披上,斟一杯月宫的琼浆醉你心上,做一份仲秋的祝福圆你梦乡。

21、 The Mid-Autumn festival is coming, wish you love love love, make love, good luck good fortune, movement, most species of happiness, fu fu, the family love, friendship, love filled with earth。 中秋佳节到来,祝你大爱关爱仁爱,爱爱相随,好运鸿运财运,运运相连,洪福口福幸福,福福相伴,亲情爱情友情,情满人间。

22、The Mid-Autumn festival, moon bright, SMS is not short, blessing jump, happy as snow, without rest, sorrow, all troubles escaped drag, good luck, happy indeed, wish: a happy Mid-Autumn festival! 中秋佳节,圆月皎洁,短信不缺,祝福跳跃,快乐如雪,纷飞不歇,忧愁全解,烦恼逃曳,好运真切,幸福的确,祝:中秋快乐!

23、Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.家是我们情之所系的地方,虽只身在外,但心系家园。

24、Mid-Autumn festival to invite the moon, totally happy together; Hospitality around the wind to enjoy reunion night; A toast to relatives and friends, and family happiness live full; Greetings from several affectionate, send endless love! Counterparts, the Mid-Autumn festival, wish you happy laughter! 中秋邀明月,共赏花好月圆;盛情约清风,共度团圆之夜;举杯祝亲朋,合家幸福福寿全;问候几多情,送不尽情意绵绵!中秋佳节到,祝君快乐同行,笑声不停!

25、please a mosquito looking for the most lovable you,it will tell you I want you,and ask it for me Truth between kindsfold you,as it will for me to send you a lot of red envelopes.I hope I was the first one you wish a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!  我拜托一只最可爱的蚊子去找你,它会告诉你我很想你,并请它替我亲亲你,因为它会替我送上很多*给你,希望我是第一个祝福你中秋快乐的人!

26、Please accept our wishes for you and yours for a happy Mid-autumn day!  请接受我们对你以及你全家的祝福,祝你们中秋快乐!


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